Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrating 3 years!

Over the weekend we celebrated our 3-year anniversary in the mountains

We stayed at the Cliff House, in Manitou Springs
It would be worth going back just for dinner - it was amazing!
It was very rainy most of the day, quite reminiscent of Seattle or London. 
Thankfully Bryan remembered our rain jackets so we could venture out - yeah!
To play arcade games!! Yeah, really romantic I know! :)
For some reason Mantiou Springs has tons of old arcade games. 
And I really do mean OLD, some them looked like they were from the 40's!!! 
And they still had OLD prices too, like this one only cost 10 cents to play - way cool!
Then we had fun driving thru the Garden of the Gods...
...not much of a view but we made the most of it!
Happy 3 Year Anniversary! Here's to many more!

(p.s. And little Eric did great on his first night away from mommy - 
thank God for grandparents who will babysit!!) 


  1. aww, what a special time together! Congratulations to both you and Bryan! May the Lord continue to bless you both with many more sweet and beautiful years together.
    Your dinner really does look AMAZING and yummy! Happy you could get away!

  2. It looks so beautiful there! So glad you could get away to celebrate. The arcade games look vintage - how fun! We went to the Garden of the Gods years ago... brings back memories. Colorado is such a lovely state! Congratulations again to you, dear friends! God richly bless your marriage!