Monday, October 1, 2012

The INSIDE (at long last!)

I really intended to get this up sooner than this, but the last month we've been cleaning, sorting, getting rid of things, selling stuff on Craig's list, arranging furniture....
you get the idea! :) 
Here is the front room also known as "my music room" :)
Kitchen area
Breakfast nook on the opposite side 
(I am SO happy to not have carpet under our kitchen table
anymore - what a relief!)
Family room across from the kitchen 
(still working on that mantle, but very excited to have one of my own!)
Upstairs master bedroom with lots of great windows 
Eric's room (also upstairs)
The spare room which is my office or "flex room" for now
(until we need it for more kiddos... :)
Downstairs rec room with TV on opposite side 
Bryan's office and exercise room
The guest bedroom that has its OWN bath! 
(if YOU want to come visit!)
The backyard has room to play 
(I love the shade from the Weeping Willow!)

So, there you have it - if you want to come visit let us know! 
We certainly have "room to spare"! 
(or let me know if you can help with cleaning...there is certainly alot more of that now too!)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Our New Home

This home is such a gift from God. We loved it the first time we saw it but after our first offer was rejected it seemed out of our reach. Later it came back on the market, and we had the chance to make a second offer. This one (after many variables and ups and downs!) did eventually go thru. It was like God saved it - just for us!
I will post more pictures of the inside soon - once a get more boxes out of the way! 
Have a great weekend!

Moving and upacking

So we moved into a new house Labor Day weekend! Packing up was quite the task itself.
 It felt kinda like a black hole - the stuff just kept coming and coming....
My Auntie Barbara happened to be visiting at the same time so we put her to work too. 
Next time, Auntie Barbara,we will take long siestas and eat chocolate all day! ;)
Yes - there was ALOT of stuff in that house!
The "packing crew" only consisted of me, my mom and Auntie B. 
Plus Eric who mostly ran around up-packing stuff for us!!
After the BIG move that Saturday we had to deal with those boxes all over again - 
We are still "digging out" so to speak. 
Yeah, we don't plan on moving again anytime soon!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Spaghetti Man

Who doesn't love spaghetti? 
And who doesn't have pictures somewhere in their childhood like this?

 I'd like to feed him this everyday since he loves it so and I find it so entertaining to watch. 
(except for the clean-up part afterwards-ha!)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Happenings

I decided to go on summer vacation with my blog the last month. :) 
(or rather that is my excuse for not posting anything in awhile!) 
Here are the recent happenings....

A visit from Bryan's dad and brother from Chicago
We enjoyed a small get-away to the mountains with them

Celebrating Bryan's 31st b-day
Apparently the kiddos thought he needed LOTS of help with those gifts!

Hiking with Grandma Sharon on the 4th of July
Somebody LOVES their blueberry snack! :)

A bridal shower for the most lovely bride-to-be of 2012 - my sister!
It was so much fun to see all the little details come together
Alittle bit of western for her new Oklahoma kitchen

Enjoying summer sunsets and thanking God for no more fires!

Watching our little guy take his first steps all by himself!
And realizing all my pictures are looking blurry now!
Gotta work on those action shots...
before he grabs the camera! 
Happy summer days to you!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Party

We had a fun, FUN party yesterday! Grandparents,(from both sides!) aunts, uncles, and our four favorite cousins came to celebrate the little guy. He loved eating cake for the first time  - he was like, "Mom, why didn't you give me this sooner?!?"

Watch out! Mom and Dad might get a bite of that!

Friday, June 22, 2012

One year old!

Our little guy officially turned ONE yesterday! Wow! How did a whole year go by like that?!? It has certainly been a year of alot of changes - for him and me! :) But all in all it has been a wonderful one. We will be having a party this weekend for him - can't wait! So for now here's a few pics of him walking, with help from daddy.