Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Happenings

I decided to go on summer vacation with my blog the last month. :) 
(or rather that is my excuse for not posting anything in awhile!) 
Here are the recent happenings....

A visit from Bryan's dad and brother from Chicago
We enjoyed a small get-away to the mountains with them

Celebrating Bryan's 31st b-day
Apparently the kiddos thought he needed LOTS of help with those gifts!

Hiking with Grandma Sharon on the 4th of July
Somebody LOVES their blueberry snack! :)

A bridal shower for the most lovely bride-to-be of 2012 - my sister!
It was so much fun to see all the little details come together
Alittle bit of western for her new Oklahoma kitchen

Enjoying summer sunsets and thanking God for no more fires!

Watching our little guy take his first steps all by himself!
And realizing all my pictures are looking blurry now!
Gotta work on those action shots...
before he grabs the camera! 
Happy summer days to you!


  1. wow! so much has been going on - which makes for a very fun summer! thanks for sharing all the special pics, and a most happy {belated} birthday to Bryan!!! awww, Eric is *walking*! so amazing! and I like blueberries too. :-)
    Congratulations to dear Bethany ~ we are so excited for her!! much love to you all!

  2. it's so much fun to get caught up on all the Gaspord happenings!! What wonderful pictures and happy times!
    Miss you!
    love, ~Jennifer