Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving and upacking

So we moved into a new house Labor Day weekend! Packing up was quite the task itself.
 It felt kinda like a black hole - the stuff just kept coming and coming....
My Auntie Barbara happened to be visiting at the same time so we put her to work too. 
Next time, Auntie Barbara,we will take long siestas and eat chocolate all day! ;)
Yes - there was ALOT of stuff in that house!
The "packing crew" only consisted of me, my mom and Auntie B. 
Plus Eric who mostly ran around up-packing stuff for us!!
After the BIG move that Saturday we had to deal with those boxes all over again - 
We are still "digging out" so to speak. 
Yeah, we don't plan on moving again anytime soon!

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  1. aww...packing pics!! so glad you had help and that most of this is now behind you!! :-)