Monday, October 1, 2012

The INSIDE (at long last!)

I really intended to get this up sooner than this, but the last month we've been cleaning, sorting, getting rid of things, selling stuff on Craig's list, arranging furniture....
you get the idea! :) 
Here is the front room also known as "my music room" :)
Kitchen area
Breakfast nook on the opposite side 
(I am SO happy to not have carpet under our kitchen table
anymore - what a relief!)
Family room across from the kitchen 
(still working on that mantle, but very excited to have one of my own!)
Upstairs master bedroom with lots of great windows 
Eric's room (also upstairs)
The spare room which is my office or "flex room" for now
(until we need it for more kiddos... :)
Downstairs rec room with TV on opposite side 
Bryan's office and exercise room
The guest bedroom that has its OWN bath! 
(if YOU want to come visit!)
The backyard has room to play 
(I love the shade from the Weeping Willow!)

So, there you have it - if you want to come visit let us know! 
We certainly have "room to spare"! 
(or let me know if you can help with cleaning...there is certainly alot more of that now too!)


  1. Joelle! it's BEAUTIFUL! I so enjoyed the tour of your lovely new home. You have done so much, and it looks great! yay!
    Can't wait to come visit ;-)

  2. glad your all settled! love it :) and love the music room!