Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Day for Will

I know most of you are waiting for baby photos and they ARE coming! ;) But in the meantime, I just HAD to post pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews. Before Christmas, Bethany and I promised Will that we would set up a "play-date" to visit him.  Here is what we did -

Painted pirate treasure chests! 
(thank you Auntie Bethany for such a fun project!)

Adorable Sophie enjoyed painting her box PINK!

Sweet Madeline, the "posing artist". 

Then we all went to McD's to enjoy hamburgers and icecream. 

Yes, Will is "lov'in it"...

...And us girls are too! 

Enjoying some baby time with lil' Ben - since the rest of the time
he sat happily in his bouncy seat, content as could be! 


  1. Y'all have to be the BEST aunties in the world! What a fun, fun day. And that last picture of Ben and you is just too cute. He is the sweetest little guy! We miss you!
    ~Jennifer and Jaimee

  2. YES! they are the best aunties in the world! :) Joelle, your marriage began a good "weaning process" for Will but he would still pick a play date with you and bethany over any other friend out there. And for that matter, so would I!! :)
    Love you!