Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nursery Progess

This is what my nursery looked like a week ago....

Don't ask about the ugly brown chair  - it just somehow got thrown in here too! 
I was unsure as to how to sort thru this mess, especially since bending over is kind of hard these days. Thankfully I have the BEST mom, who offered to help out. 
And now my nursery looks like this....

It still has a ways to go, as the walls are kind of bare. 
But this is a HUGE improvement. Thanks, Mom! 

And thanks, to my wonderful husband for putting together
baby's crib!


  1. L.o.v.e the work you and your hubby and dear mother have done on the nursery! What a cute place to live. :) and it must make you feel sooo good to walk in and see all those lovely things. Now, to see the little one at home in it! Praying for you, dear Joelle!
    hugs, Jaimee & Jennifer

  2. Thanks friends! I appreciate your prayers SO much!
    Love you both! Joelle

  3. Joelle! the nursery looks SO great! I'm so glad you took a "before" picture. I can't wait to see it in real life. Your baby is going to be SO blessed to live in that sweet room and to have sweet YOU for his/her momma! :)

  4. Yeah for helpful Mothers! :) Those green bins make the room look so nice and tidy and I love that sweet changing pad cover. How exciting to be getting things all ready for that sweet baby! Love you! Cailan