Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My new favorite cereal!

Just had to show you a picture of my new favorite cereal - I love it so much I even had a dream about it! (pregnancy really does crazy things to you!) 

I discovered this cereal at Bryan's grandparents and liked it so much that his Grandma gave me the rest of the box. (Mind you - I DID NOT ask, she offered!) The only catch was that she buys it from Costco. So since we don't have one here I have very sad when the day came for the box to be empty. That is when I had my dream  - my dream that they were going to open a Costco in Fort Collins! It was a great! Unfortunately it was only a dream. However, I thought it was so funny I told his grandma. And true to her sweet nature, she brought me another box! Isn't that just the nicest thing?!?


  1. How funny - you are just adorable, Joelle! And that IS the sweetest, nicest thing. :) It's a big deal to find something you really really like - why isn't there a Costco in Ft. Collins anyway??? And when is that baby coming?!

  2. That is really sweet of her to buy you another box! Looks like a yummy cereal. :) You and Jaimee are both posting about breakfast foods... mmm!

  3. that is the nicest thing and you are the CUTEST pregnant lady ever! Thanks for sharing- wish we had a costco too!